Oil and Gas

For the Oil and Gas Market, EFS is able to provide solutions for noise control that meet performance, accessibility and reliability criteria essential to the efficient operation of equipment.

Control Rooms

Control Rooms are custom configured to suit customer requirements using pre-engineered acoustic wall and ceiling panels, doors, windows and silencers. Features offered include bullet resistant glass, isolated floors, access panels, removable wall and ceiling panels.

As required modular units can have factory installed computer and raised floor systems, electrical and lighting systems and HVAC systems designed to meet customer requirements.

Barrier Walls

Barrier Walls are normally used to place a sound barrier between a noise source and a target population. The barrier creates a "sound shadow" zone that reduces the unwanted noise and can be tailored to cover almost any size area either indoors or out, for ground mounted or rooftop applications.

Absorptive noise control barriers provide maximum noise reduction with lightweight modular panels and/or louvers. The noise barrier system is easy to install and if used for temporary applications are easy to dismantle and relocate. Panels and louvers are self-draining and constructed of galvanized steel or aluminum and finish painted in a weather resistant polyester powder coating in customer specified colors. The finish is also graffiti resistant and cleanable. A 10 year warrantee is offered on barrier systems.

Panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically with joint overlap options to suit customer needs. Varying thicknesses of panel are also offered from 2 – 5”, together with combinations of solid/solid or perforated/ solid face sheets. All products independently tested (STC 37 and above, NRC 0.95 and above).

An existing wall can be lined with sound-absorbing cladding panels as an effective, cost-efficient method of reducing reflected sound.

Services include layout, structural steel support framework, foundation design (for ground level barriers), with certified calculations including P.E. or S.E. stamp as required.

Generator and Compressor Enclosures

Generator and Compressor Enclosures are custom configured to suit customer requirements using pre-engineered acoustic wall and ceiling panels, doors, louvers and silencers. For larger enclosures alternate approaches are offered; a weather proof portal structural steel frame that supports the acoustic panels or a structural acoustic wall and roof panel system.Design features consider access, cooling and aerodynamic requirements to optimize airflow and prevent recirculation. Access issues are addressed by incorporating access doors removable hatches, wall and ceiling panels. Units are weather proof as required. Modular units can be configured with factory installed electrical systems, lighting systems, fire systems, damper and fan systems designed to meet customer requirements.


Silencer designs for ambient air and gases at elevated temperatures, configured as rectangular baffles or conical bullets, with or without casings for new or retrofit projects are provided to suit customer requirements. Silencers are manufactured using materials to suit the environmental service and aero-acoustical requirements to minimize pressure drop. Heavy gage silencers for industrial/power generation and aviation jet test cells can also be supplied. Dependent on the service application; glass fiber, mineral wool and basalt are used as the acoustic medium which is wrapped in glass cloth suited to the operating temperature. Internal supports and frame design insure structural integrity is maintained. As required various types of rain hoods can also be provided. Finishes are selected to resist the particular environment of each application.

Modular Systems

Systems can be configured as modules to enable easy transportation, system expansion, fast site set-up and relocation. Modular systems enable assembly and testing to be achieved in a controlled environment prior to delivery; to significantly reduce costs associated with the time normally required for assembly of components at site.

Demountable Systems

Demountable Systems can be configured from standard components that are manufactured and finished for easy installation at site. Systems are fully developed and parts identified, packed and shipped to enable the planned assembly at site to be straight forward. The methods of assembly enable the system to be dismantled and reused in the same configuration or used as applicable for another requirement without a total loss of investment where used for temporary locations.