Engine Test Cells

For the Aviation Market, EFS is able to provide solutions for Facilities used to test fixed wing and rotor aircraft engines, both installed and uninstalled for jet / turbofan, turbo-shaft, turbo-prop, APU and UAV engines. This covers Engine Test Cells, Aircraft Hush Houses, and Ground Run-up Facilities. Systems can be provided for a range of engine types, systems provided to date include the following:

Turbofan Engines
CFM International CFM56-2/3/5/7 series
Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200
International Aero Engines V2500

Turbojet Engines

Pratt & Whitney F100 100/200/220/229
J52 Series
General Electric F110 100/100A/100B
J79 Series
J85 Series


General Electric : T700/CT7 Series
T64 Series
Pratt & Whitney PT6 Series
Rolls Royce : 250 Series
T56 Series
Turbomeca : Makila

APU Engines

GTCP 331-500/131-9B/331-200/660-4
APS : 500/1000/2000/3200
PW : 901A
T62 : 40-8/40-1/27/40-C

UAV Engines

Rotex 914

EFS offer the following test support systems:

  • Engine / Facility Control and Monitoring System
  • Computerized Data Acquisition System with Self-Test Station in Engine Preparation Area
  • Fuel supply and monitoring system
  • Starter Air System
  • Compressed air system
  • Oil preservation system

EFS also offer the following:

  • Test Cell enclosures
  • Noise suppression systems
  • Control rooms
  • Test stands
  • Engine rolling, installation, removal and handling systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Air conditioning/heating systems
  • Closed circuit TV/observation and recording systems
  • Communication systems
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Training
  • Warranty
  • ILS

EFS can also assist with:

  • Site analysis, construction, preparation & finishing
  • Site development & construction
  • Design reviews
  • Documentation
  • Program management
  • Testing & correlation