Engine / Facility Control and Monitoring System

EFS offer Engine Control and Data Acquisition Systems to provide customers with automated testing of engines with user friendly displays and controls for fast, accurate and reliable operation.

The systems uses powerful generic software with integrated engine specific software code where required. System hardware includes industry standards including National Instrument and Commercial off the Shelf Systems that provide local presence and life cycle support to enable expansion for new engine types and variants together with improvements and up-dates to minimize obsolescence issues.

Systems user interface displays and controls can be customized to meet the specific customer needs.

System Benefits

  • Improves engine reliability
  • Increased testing efficiency
  • Avoids unnecessary engine runs
  • Prevents of operational mistakes
  • Avoids engine limit violations

Multiple levels of testing-automation

  • Monitoring
  • Test-procedure tracking
  • Automatic testing

Engine Run Control

Control functions support all stages of testing

  • Data acquisition
  • Data monitoring
  • Data display
  • Test procedure tracking

Post run analysis functions

Stored data provides capabilities including:

  • Run selection
  • Playback
  • Graph generation
  • Data export

Tailoring and implementation

Generic functions can be complemented
by specific tailored solutions including:

  • Engine control system data download
  • Performance calculation

Maintenance utilities and system services

  • Computerized calibration utility
  • Off-line display of external systems' data (e.g. PLC)
  • Probes/thermocouples configuration management
  • Automatic daily backup of system database
  • Repair & compact utility for system database
  • Optional restoration to any previous stored version of the Test Cell definitions
  • Complete system backup (removable magnetic media)
  • System recovery procedures

Connectivity to external data interface systems

  • GPIB (IEEE-488)
  • RS232/RS422 serial communication
  • • 1553B • Various PLC's • MODBUS communication • ARINC 429 / 629 communication

Supported platforms

Systems run on IBM-PCs and compatibles and have been implemented to date on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows For Workgroup™ (WFW) 3.11
  • Microsoft Windows NT™ Workstation 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows XP-PRO
  • Microsoft Windows 7