• Turbofan Engine
    For the Aviation Market, EFS is able to provide solutions for Facilities used to test fixed wing and rotor aircraft engines, both installed and uninstalled for jet / turbofan, turbo-shaft, turbo-prop, APU and UAV engines
  • Turbofan Engine
    For the Industrial Market, EFS is able to supply acoustic systems such as silencers and enclosures for power generation equipment and process equipment. Other equipment includes Advanced Dilutor Nozzles for exhaust stack applications to minimize the propagation of concentrated exhaust gases at low altitudes, under ambient conditions
  • Turbofan Engine
    For the Oil and Gas Market, EFS is able to provide solutions for noise control that meet performance, accessibility and reliability criteria essential to the efficient operation of equipment.

Essential Facility Systems LLC


Essential Facility Systems LLC (EFS) is located in Hurst,TX and was formed to provide services and solutions to the Aviation, Oil and Gas and Industrial sectors. Through the extensive experience and original thinking of our personnel and specialist strategic business partners and select providers, solutions and products are offered to enable our customers to meet their operational and business goals through consideration of cost, ease of use, reliability and life-cycle requirements.
EFS has been structured to minimize costs, while offering equal or superior products, service and aftersales support.