Aviation Background

EFS Personnel and strategic partners have many years of experience in providing aero test facilities for performing ground running tests on military and civil aircraft and facilities to test the engines, both installed and un-installed for the US Air Force & Navy as well as various international government and commercial customers. Experience covers Engine Test Cells, Aircraft Hush Houses, and Ground Run-up Facilities to test fixed wing and rotor aircraft engines, both installed and uninstalled for jet / turbofan, turbo-shaft, turbo-prop, APU and UAV engines. Facility types include permanent, demountable, and modular units.

EFS offer solutions and products for new requirements and services to support the maintenance, repair and up-grade for existing facilities.

Key personnel have 30 years of experience in this sector, giving EFS a considerable network of partners and suppliers familiar with numerous types of facilities and offer to provide services based on the best solution to customer requirements.

Partners have cross industry experience providing customers with a broad knowledge of both proven and innovative solutions. Having a considerable practical understanding of the requirements; design, build, operation and maintenance of the systems and equipment of these facilities and the engines they test, EFS offer customers better technical and cost effective support.

By outsourcing manufacture to specialists able to use their commercial experience, business acumen and understanding of the product quality requirements EFS is able to deliver a competitive, reliable service and quality without unnecessary overhead attributed to many company’s in-house capabilities.

Past experience includes:

Commercial: CFM56-2/3/5/7 series, JT8D-200, JT9D-7R4-G2/7Q/7A/7J/7F, JT3D-7/3B, PW4000, V2500
U.S.Air Force: A/F 32 A-18, A/F32 T-4, A/F32 T-9, A/F37 T-10 A/F37 T-11 and AF37 T-12
US Navy: T-10 Test Cell and T-10 Hush House
Hush houses and test facilities for aircraft/engines including:
F-18/F404, F-16/F100, F110, Tornado/RB199, Hawk/Adour, IDF/1042, Mirage/M53, Makila, T-55, T-56, T-58, T-64, T-700, Gnome and GEM.